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New issue of Dancecult "Psychedelica and Electronica"

Psychedelica and Electronica. Guest Edited by Trace Reddell and Graham St John


Executive Editor's Introduction

- Graham St John

Guest Editor’s Introduction to “Psychedelica and Electronica”

- Trace Reddell and Graham St John

> Feature Articles

Other Kinds of Mind There: Echologies of Psychedelic Sonic Substance

- Trace Reddell

Timbre and the ‘Zone of Entanglement’ in Electronic Dance Music: Re-Thinking Musico-Social Ontologies with the Mycelial Turn

- Maria Perevedentseva

The Voice of the Apocalypse: Terence McKenna as Raving Medium

- Graham St John

Nightlife Studies: Past, Present and Future

- Jordi Nofre and Manuel Garcia-Ruiz

> From the Floor

From Spontinuity to Dream Seeds: My Journey with Light Shows from the Sixties to the Present

- C. Scott Taylor

Kaos, Kilowatt and Ketamine: A Cultural History of the Free Tekno Movement

- Giorgia Gaia

Detroit Ecstasy: Ruminations on Raving, “Movement” and Place

- Rebekah Farrugia

No Way Back

- Michelle Lhook

Dancing through Transformational Music Festivals in Western Canada: Tales from the Forest Floor

- Kelci Mohr

> Conversation

Beyond the Brain: Happening at East Edge

- Paul Chambers

> Reviews

Raving (McKenzie Wark)

- Kim Feser

Spectacle, Fashion and the Dancing Experience in Britain, 1960–1990 (Jon Stratton)

- Tara Hill

This Track Contains Politics: The Culture of Sampling in Experimental Electronica (Hannes Liechti)

- Moses Iten

Berghain, Techno und die Körperfabrik: Ethnographie eines Stammpublikums (Guillaume Robin)

- Anja Schwanhäußer

Ears as Portals: Alternative Realities of Musical Infrastructures (A CTM Festival 2023 Review)

- Luigi Monteanni


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