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Terence McKenna: Psychedelic Psychopomp and Meta Trip-Sitter (thorough edit)

I was honoured to be #23 on EGA's webcast on EntheoTV. This recording was made on 6 Sep 2023 and has been superbly edited by Ronny - thank you!

As a cognitive libertarian and guerrilla ontologist, Terence McKenna was dedicated to transmitting the means of perception whereby growing numbers were encouraged to reclaim their minds and become authors of their own experience. That he is among the most influential and yet least understood of psychedelicists is a circumstance addressed in my forthcoming biography Terence McKenna: The Strange Attractor (MIT Press, 2024). With a focus on McKenna’s relationship with DMT, this presentation draws on material from this book and my previous work Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT, to discuss the circumstances by which he would grow to become “America’s shaman,” the Raver’s “shamanarchist,” and eventually, posthumous trip-sitter for a global audience.

Thanks to Ken Adams for cover artwork "Terence McKenna visual languaging series # 1, Ken Adams, 2023" (and other interior artwork)


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